Contract for Stud Service

We are providing stud service for the female documented below:

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Name Registration #

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Owner of female Phone #

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E-mail address

First sign of heat (date): ________________ Date due to whelp: __________________

Dates bred: ___________________________________________________________________

HRK's Brody Points For You              ____$1,000.00______________________
Stud used                                         Stud Fee

The following contract is understood and agreed upon by both parties.

A deposit of $200 is to be received from the owner of the female when she is dropped off for breeding and will be applied to the total stud fee. The remaining balance of the stud fee is due when the female whelps. Stud confirmation for the AKC litter registration application (either online or paper copy) will not be completed and signed until the stud fee has been paid in full. As stud owners, we reserve the right to receive a puppy in lieu of the stud fee. If we choose to receive a puppy in lieu of the stud fee we will notify the owner of the female being bred as soon as possible to reserve our pick. As owner of the stud, we would normally expect to receive our pick of a puppy from the litter but will concede our pick to confirmed deposits for puppies (specific gender and color) which the owner of the female has received prior to receiving our notification.

When dropped off for breeding, the female must be current on all vaccinations, (including Bordetella), heartworm, flea/tick preventatives and have been tested for and received a negative brucellosis result. All females to be bred must have OFA Good or Excellent hips and a current CERF number. OFA elbows, EIC and CNM testing and results are not required for breeding but should be discussed prior to breeding.

If we (stud owners) believe it necessary to artificially inseminate (AI) the female, we will contact the owner of the female to explain and discuss this option. If both parties agree, the charges to AI will be paid to us (stud owners) when the female is picked up after breeding. Charges for AI are $50 per insemination and are non-refundable.

If the female does not have a successful pregnancy resulting from this breeding, the owner may opt to; (1) breed her to the same stud,The original deposit will apply to the second breeding and the remaining balance (as applicable) will be due when the female whelps. If the female does not have a successful pregnancy resulting from the second breeding, the deposit is non-refundable.

If the female has four or less puppies from the breeding, we will provide a repeat breeding at a later date for half of the original stud fee. If the female has more than four puppies, this is considered a successful breeding and the owner of the female will pay the full stud fee regardless if one or more of those puppies die (postpartum).

Transportation and Boarding: Transportation charges to pick up a female in Appleton (Outagamie County Regional Airport) or Green Bay (Austin Straubel International Airport) are $25.00. Pickup at other locations will be billed on a situational basis, considering mileage and current fuel prices. Boarding for extended stays prior to and after breeding will be $10.00 per day.

Owner of the stud, Jerry Rausch (or) Karen Rausch

Owner of the female